Should I just cut my loses and end it ?

me and this guys have been going out for over 6 months. I love him and we made love already I but during our relationship we decides to break up. our first break up wasn't the best because I acted like I didn't care and that lasted 1 month. we tried being being friends but it didn't work and we got back together (yay!)...but we only lasted 2 weeks (boooo) anyway 2 weeks after breaking up he wants to get back together again and I say yes. I really happy and now I can tell he loves me and wants to be with me but we aren't at the same level of love we were at in the beginning. wen we first wen out he would be more sensitive to me and more caring about me (EXAMPLE) wen we didn't talk or see each other all day he would call me and tell me that he missed me or that we was worried. he would even call just to see if I was OK but now we doesn't =( . I know he loves me but I don't know how far that love goes anymore. the longest we are together it wen we are having sex I feel like our relationship is a friends with benefits thing so should I just break your with him


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  • You shouldn't be having multiple breakups in a 6 month period. That's a red flag that you two aren't compatible. It doesn't make it his fault and it doesn't make it your fault. You may love each other, but your relationship just isn't meant to be. Time to move on.

  • your don't love him you like him. 90 year old people that have been together fro 60 years love each other. your in deep like


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