My girlfriend cheated on me nd now she dont want me to leave her?

dating this girl for a year, 6 months back she cheated on me with her ex and now when i found out about it but she dont want me leave her. she keeps on crying and appolizing, one thing i can tell forsure is that now she is very serious about our relationship. For me there is no way i can stay with her but i also can't see her going through all this pain (i m hurt myself but really can't see going through this) . she also has a heart condition which gets worse every time she take stress.
can you guys give me some advice how should i handle this?


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  • Heart condition? Sounds good. Its time for your move young boy. You need to stay with her. Promise her you will stay together forever with her. On the next day promise her you will surely break up if she does sth wrong. Stay in contact with her and answer all her calls. Then stop responding and dissapear for one day. Act all lovely and nice to her and bring her a meaningful gift. Then be mean to her and give her the cold shoulder. Then be happy the next day to see her. Then say you dont like her behaviour and say you consider breaking up. Let her cry and suffer. Then apologize for what you said and say you were just angry and lost control about what you said and promise her again your love. Continue with this behaviour until she can't stand it anymore and wants to break up with her. When she wants to break up with you confess to her that since you found out she cheated that you cheated on her with a important person from her life like sister or best friend or greatest foe, of course its a lie bit she dpnt need to know.

    And then game over. She either survivse it and can't trust anyone anymore and hates herself or dies from all the stress.

    Go on. My Masterplan will work. Good look young padawan, come to the dark side.

    Let this piece of trash suffer.

    • Bit too much, dont ya think so? Of course we all know you are joking ( i hope so) but man, you are evil. And honestly said, a cheater would deserve it when not worse.
      She was not honest with him so why should he treat her nice?

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  • You should cut her off immediately, she has heart problems? Thats unfortunate, but you dont have anything to do with it so dont take the blame or feel bad.
    What matters is that she cheated on you and from what I understood you found out by yourself, she didn't even have the respect to admit it herself.
    It doesn't seem like you two live together so the best way to end it would be to call her via phone and calmly explain to her that you simply dont want to pursue the relationship anymore since that stuff happened, let her cry if she wants to, but staying with a partner who broke your trust is a stupid and naive thing to do, especially since you're young.
    And to be honest try to analyze the situation: she probably wasn't so into you or you simply didn't give her the tingles that day, ex enters the scene and she sees the possibility to have some fun and maybe get back with him, fast forward they fuck and she finds out the ex doesn't actually want her back, she feels used and comes back home to the person who actually gives a crap about her (you lol); do you really want to be the replacement in your own relationship?
    Bet her heart worked fine while she was getting pumped huh.
    Good luck

  • Break up with her, simple as that. She'll sort the situation out herself. You are allowing her to play the victim when she is not, and you are also allowing her to make you put yourself second. She is controlling you, don't let her continue

  • First of all let's get one thing clear. Are you OK with it or not and how far are you willing to go with her? Because after all the bullshit it really boils down to what you're willing to tolerate. If you want nothing serious with her then her infidelity is hardly a problem. If you however wish a more serious relationship, then you have to decide if her infidelity is something you can carry with yourself for a long time, or even through a marriage and not destroy you. I can't tell you what to do since everyone feels differently about such matter. I personally wouldn't want to be anywhere near her but many men wouldn't have much trouble accepting her actions. Make up your mind and once you do, what must be done will come naturally.

  • either break up with her or tell her you'll only stay if it's an open relationship.


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