Being friends with my ex whilst dating someone else?

So me and my ex were together for nearly 2 years, but I'd say for the past 4/5 months our relationship has been very strained and it felt more like we were friends rather than boyfriend/girlfriend. Over the 2 years we did fight a lot and disagreed about a lot of things, which led to us breaking up like once or twice. However we did have fun and it was a great relationship but things just weren't right and it was time for it to end. To me it kind of feels like the relationship had already ended a long time before the official breakup so I did a lot of my "moving on" whilst still in the relationship.

We still want to be friends and hang out and message each other, which we have managed to do with no problems. For the time we were going out we were essentially each other's best friends and he was the main person I spoke to so it would seem odd to suddenly have him cut out of my life.

About 3 weeks after we broke up whilst on a night out, I met another guy and we kissed. Since then me and this guy have been talking and we've arranged to meet up tomorrow, which would be a month after my breakup with my ex. This guy I've been talking to is really nice and really easy to talk to.

But a part of me feels kind of guilty because I haven't told my ex this is happening and that if he finds out he might think I'm moving on too soon. So I really. have two questions, is it too early for me to start dating again? And also is it weird to still be such good friends with my ex whilst dating someone else?
Being friends with my ex whilst dating someone else?
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