Why doesn't my ex want to move on. Is he trying to keep his hold on me?

It's been over a year since we broke up & he never explained, but I think he realised he doesn't want to be responsible for anyone & can't do relationships. He doesn't know what he wants & when I said we should go our separate ways, as we want different things, he distanced himself from me & pretended he was ill. At least that's what I think. I was left hurt and not even able to see him, as he "couldn't bear to see me hurt."

We met up about 4 times after breaking up, over the space of about 6 months. He was all affectionate like we're going out. He was jealous of any guy I mentioned at work & had to hide his face from looking upset. He kept my bath creams and everything after we broke up and moved them to his new flat, like he was expecting to see me again.

When we broke up I didn't hear anything from him for 2 months, & all he said was "hope you're ok." Now he messages me every month or so & this time he was trying to see if I'm single or not, joking that I must be married by now. Talking like nothing has happened. He said we can talk later if I wanted to, but I didn't message him. This was Friday.

Why does he still message me? Clearly, life isn't much better single & he realises I know & understand him better than anybody. But he had his chance.
Why doesn't my ex want to move on. Is he trying to keep his hold on me?
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