What could this line of a song mean directed at someone?

This may seems stupid, but I have to ask, what could this lines from a song mean if a girl directed it at someone (a guy). "By now you should know, I cant' be changed, I can't be tamed" don't know what song it is, I just know its a song. thanks


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  • My interpretation is that she is a free spirit with her own mind and is independent. She wants to be accepted for who she is. If you like her or decide to date her then she might give chase too (play hard to get) because she might play the card that 'she doesn't need a guy to be happy.'

    • Haha, that's exactly what's happening, she is playing the card that she doesn't need a guy. It confuses me cause I don't know if its a thing of her, or if its a way of her to tell me she is not interested. I like her, and I like that she is independant, and I would never try to change that, but, how can I show her that and at the same time that I apreciate her and make her believe it, Thanks for your response.

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    • Well I don't know if this qualifies as being hurt, she fell in love with somebody and he rejected her. I don't think it was on bad terms cause they remained friends, but I know she still had feelings for him a few years after. She was with somebody else but something happened, I'm not sure, but she kinda mentioned to somebody else that he wanted the sleep with her right away and she didnt. Well, I'm willing to respect that, its just that I'm curious if its the timing, like...

    • ...like if its because right now she wants to be single, or is it because she is not interested in me. Cause, honestly, I'm not really interested in being her friend. But also I don't want to push it, I don't like that. Thanks for keeping up with me, hehe.

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  • i'm not going to settle down


    you can't control me


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  • thats mileys new single "cant be tamed". she's basically saying she won't let anyone control her..she has control of her ownself

    • Oooh, thanks for the info, I knew it was a song, haha. Yeah, I got that idea, cause she is like that.

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