My ex is confusing me, what do you think?

He broke up with me about 3 weeks ago. Our relationship is definitely over, & although I was blindsided by his choice, I ultimately DO See why he made the choice. We are compatible personality-wise, but we rushed our relationship & I would say that we are at different places of maturity in our lives. I was his first girlfriend and he's one of many BF's for me. I had higher expectations of a relationship than he did, and I have told him that I understand why he made that choice.
Honestly- the breakup was abrupt. We never fought. We did have some deeper conversations that were emotional and did focus on our needs in a relationship, but I never felt we were mean or cruel. The day he broke up with me, he was definitely acting distant. I met his whole family that day, & was friendly despite his behavior. When we were alone I asked if he was okay and he said that he was trying to figure things out between us. I thought he was going to break up with me, so I told him just to do it. He got angry and said that wasn't even on radar. well, 30 minutes later and I get my heartbroken.
Post Breakup now- He wants to be friends and was actually pretty frustrated when I told him that I need time to work through my pain. He felt it was "low" of me to say how I can't be friends right now, but he wouldn't admit that it hurt him somehow (by the loss of me). He got upset and said how he's hurting too and I am not seeing that, but if I need to be angry to heal then that's fine.
Anyways, I had blocked him everywhere out of frustration for his lack of empathy for me "the dumpee." I came around and text him saying how I yet again, know why we can't be together romantically but do care about him as a friend and hope we can make amends. He was very defensive and mentioned how I had blocked him... etc... and how I act like he never wants to see me again. I accepted this a truth, and thought we were good, but I sent him a link to a comedian he likes and he just read it and didn't reply.
I'll add- his reason for breaking up with me is that he felt he couldn't meet my needs... but men are honestly very intense about being able to provide and he is younger than me, and JUST moved out on his own. I feel like he has a lot of life left to live and that's why he couldn't meet my needs, but does that mean someone has stopped caring about you? I feel like his actions have showed he still cares about me as a person at least?


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