Why does my ex still want to talk to me after he's told me that I'm nobody for him and all this stupid stuff?

Today when he called me for the first time in since Tuesday, I told him that I can't talk to him anymore because he said I'm nobody for him and all this stupid stuff and then instead of admitting it he said that my dad was just telling me bad stuff about him. Why does he continue calling me after that fight and him saying that stuff?


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  • he either regrets it, or he said it to make you feel bad but still can't let go of you.

    • Ohh ok. Thank you for your answer. How do I know which one it is?

    • honestly you can't really know because the second option is basically the first option but fake, maybe you can read it from the way he interacts with you

      the only way you can be sure is if he apologizes for it. otherwise it's probably the second one.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Probably regretting or just for he's sexual satisfaction or he said it out of anger. ... and can't seem to let go. of you


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