He says he still cares but wants to be alone?

He'd been away for 6 months with his work he's in the military. He came back a month and two weeks ago was telling me he loved me, was telling my brother his friends everyone like he always has.
This time when he came back he was giving me the cold shoulder, I confronted him about it after he kept doing this into the second week of being back and after I'd said to him does he not want to be with me anymore he replied not really right now. So we discussed it he said he felt like he's grown apart since he's been away even though what his actions was saying last time said different. He then said he feels like his life hasn't fallen back in place, including friends and family. He said he was depressed but didn't go into detail much. He said he still cares but wouldn't answer if he loved me or not but looking at him I could just tell that he did still... he said he's better alone because that way he doesn't miss anyone while away and that his work is only going to get busier. He said in the past year he's probably seen me a month and they've not always been the best times which openly admit we had a bad fallout this time last year but we really got past that we really did I'm not imagining it we even spoke about it the last time he was home saying we was glad we was able to sort things out together. I don't know do I give him time and hope he still wants me? I mean it's come to a shock to friends and family too not just me. None of us saw it coming.


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  • maybe his he had bad experiment while he was deployed and might have PTSD... maybe just encourage him to see a specialist to whom he will discuss his issues with.

    and for the relationship part.. keep seeing how things go.. if he keeps being cold and unsure about whether he wanna be with you then i think its better for you to end things instead of keeping on waiting on someone who's not even sure he still feels something for you and move on.

    good luck

    • We have broken up like but I just can't get this image out of my head when he came mine yesterday he stood in my hallway after I asked him to go get help he looked up at my roof looked straight at me like he was about to cry looked up again took a deep breath and said he's got to go said bye hesitated and hesitated at the door twice as well. I just feel like this isn't totally what he wants to do either with his reaction I don't know. There's nothing I can do right now I mean he says he still wants to stay in touch and talk to me but it's distressing seeing him the way he was.

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    • I don't know if it's my place to tell his family they might think I'm just reaching out for myself but I'm not. I'm close to his family like myself don't get me wrong. He's gone on the camping trip with his friends today but his best friend inboxed me on about the situation and he said he's noticed a change when he's come back in his behaviour as if it's getting harder for him to adjust to being back. I told him I think he needs to talk to him and he's agreed he will do I just think after this weekend is up he won't be back home for a very long time not even to see his friends and family from what he was saying.

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  • Let him go. Its too much for him and he doesn't want it now. You holding on will make it worse. I don't think he's depressed or Ptsd. This is a common thing guys do when they are not up for a relationship. Don't take it personal.

  • Sounds like some depression..


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