Is it true what he felt?

so my ex told me that he was breaking up with me because I was getting too attached to him. but all I did was to show care and love towards him and before a fight, that's what he did as well. he would go out of the way and make me feel soo special. we broke up once before too but that was mpstly my fault so I made the effort to get things right and I did. after that he stopped confessing his love to me and I gave him a lot of space. I told him that I dont want to talk everyday and just occasional would be nice. that decision pf mine sparked things up. he stopped confessing his love to me, but it got more intense, he started telling his friends how much he loved me and he finally started sharing his feelings to people around him because before that he was just a closed book. he started showing through his actions how much he loved me. sometimes I got soo shocked with happiness some things that he did for me. he really cared soo much for me. bmit all went great for a year after the first breakup but now again we had a fight it wasn't that serious, but he made it a big deal and then he said somethings I said a few things and then he broke up with me. but the worse of all, he said to me that he never wanted to be with me and he took all his love and care back and said that I was just trying to be friends. I mean wtf, nobody's that stupid. his friends, pur mutual friends, our family member, everyone around us could tell how much he loved me. he woyld treat me so special and all his live showed in his eyes and the way that he looked at me. why would he do that? I'm soo confused I dont even have 1% idea why he broke up and why he said those things. it really hurt me. I mean breakup is a different thing and making me feel like a worthless of crap wasn't necessary. he seemed really pissed at me but I think the excuse he made of me being to attached to him was just an excuse and there's something else that's the reason.
maybe he wants me to chase him like I did last time?
Please help me. I am so confused and about to have a mentalfew breakdown. Did he just fall out of love with neme? Because just two weeks before the fight we talked to eachother on call and he was as sweet as ever. Also, the fight was between his and mine mutual friends also. His friend who's like a brother totold him lied about a few things and I think he's the reason why. I think he turned my ex against me because he seemed very pissed at me. Didn't want to even talk to me. Please help


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  • sounds like he got the idea that you did something to betray him and that made him angry. or he might have just got scared and didn't know how to handle it so he decided to run away from it.

    • yeah both seem right. even though I didn't betray him but I think his friend lied. or maybe the relationship getting too real was hard for him to handle and he ran away.

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    • yeah you're right. thanks😊

    • anytime. happy to help.

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