Should I wait until divorce to date again?

I'm leaving my husband in two days because he's mean and abusive. I'm going to divorce him but due to finances it could take a while. When should I start dating again?


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  • fuck no... give yourself the proper 3 days of mourning the death of your relationship and have a rebound sexfest nsa then have a rebound relationship then be single for six months going on dates and have fun... make friends with a older couple to help you if dickhead gets to pissy and make the cut with him fast and dont look back. no matter what dont go back... he isn't good for you wasn't good for you and won't be good for you... it would take a few years for him to learn from this not days ot weeks but years... so dont listen to his shit words listen to your intuition. abusers have a way of suckering in there victims to come back. dont be a sucker


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  • whenever you're ready but you should be upfront with the people you are dating about your relationship status.


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