What can I say to a guy to get him to stop talking to me without having to be the one to say stop talking to me?

my friends boyfriend keeps talking to me and started flirting with me and thinks I like him. I only let him think I like him because I didn't want to hurt his feelings as he just assumed it from some messages I sent that he misinterpreted, I thought whatever I can boost his ego, but then it turns out he likes me and it just was really messed cause i'm still friends with his girlfriend. I told him I'd choose her over him if they broke up, he then pressured me when I was wicked tired and out of it from studying till 3 am after no sleep to send him a picture of my boobs, photo wasn't too bad like almost all was cut-off just upper chest and little bra showed, less than would see if i wore a bikini, i deleted it right after but then he told me he was jerking it then and i said i'm sorry i went too far and it was my fault then went to bed intending to forget the whole thing, then today he offered to send me a video of his dick to which i said no. I told him i'm gay before all this and have a crush on my friend whom he knows, i thought it was all good cause he started saying he was trying to get us together but then this happened and i fucked up. im considering ghosting him


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  • thats rather dire. i dont think there's anything you could say that would make him just leave, so you will probably just have to ghost him, unless you tell him that you're not interested and will tell his girlfriend if he doesn't stop

  • honesty is the best policy. it hurts, especially when you let things go to far, but it is the only real option. either that or you have to start cutting ties and removing yourself from his life which difficult.


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