My Ex is a typical Virgo guy. .. like the whole stubborn, never changes he's mind Virgo... now please how do I get him back? Have gone into full NC.. .. its been 1month and some days now. .. please. .. during those no contact time. .. I've evaluated everything I did that he never liked and I've Changed. ... now i'm willing to show him that I've changed but I don't know how to start. .. I'm scared of rejection. ... He broke up with me twice but I begged him tho he accepts after some stubbornness. .. Virgo males please help a lady please. .. or females


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  • I'm a Virgo and once a Virgo is done, they are done. He probably came back because he felt bad about how it ended and when he realized you had not changed at all he left again. Not all virgos are the same, for me you don't have to be this perfection machine. You just have to love as hard as I do and be working towards something. You honestly should leave it be. Trust me, he's thinking about you. Virgos don't look for play things, if they commit to you, they see you as a long term love. If he left you twice, it's likely done. Just move on. 😕

    • Also, a rule I always follow is to let them come to you if they decide to end it. No contact is about separating my yourself from that person so you can focus on fixing your issues and making yourself better. If he comes back than cool, if he doesn't that whatever. The point is to fix yourself for the next one so you can attract a better mate

    • Hurts but thanks. ... he keeps posting emotional break up stuffs that I just had to block him.. ..

    • Lol he's so girly

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  • Virgo's !! they will never change may be today he accept you but after few days they will change their mind by giving you some shitty reason. Its very difficult to understand them , they want perfection in everything.

    Well don't begg him so much... let them realise that you really love him. He will surely accept you just give some time. Always keep check on him. Time will cool down things between you people.
    long live the love.

  • Honestly if you guys have already broken up more than once it's only a matter of time before it happens again. Why bother your probably an attractive girl and I'm sure there are plenty of other virgos that doesn't act like that.

  • firstly, star signs do not define a person's characteristics. secondly, if you can't approach him about it then it probably isn't going to happen

  • Virgo here, right now your story sounds like you are bending over backwards for him. Forget the sign , is he even worth it , if he can't accept you as you are?

    • I don't know. .. He's just so hard to please I don't know if Virgos are like that and he fails to accept me and my flaws. ..

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    • Thanks a lot. ... made me feel positive

    • you are welcome!

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