Why is she not telling me she has moved back?

So my ex and I had been broken up for about 4 months already due to long distance. However I just recently found out that she has moved back in state to where I am currently living at. During these times she is still contacting me and still trying to talk to me but she does not tell me she is back in state. Every time I talk to her she say she might be moving back(but I know that she is already back). I was wondering why isn't she telling me that she is already back? what is keeping her from doing so? I mean we went out for about 3 months and during those time we were really into each other.


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  • Well if I did something like that to someone... I think it means she doesn't want to get too close too soon.

    I don't trust easily, and when I get too close to someone I back away - sometimes I avoid hanging out with a friend because we're getting too close, I'll talk to them on msn or on the phone but avoid meeting them in person until they don't feel AS close to me any more. Then I'm happy just being friends with them.

    Sorry if that was confusing.

    I think she just wants to be friends, maybe doesn't feel as close to you anymore... for now.


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  • she may be putting you on the backburner. you may be her safety net.


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