This is frustrating me! Please help?

So I was seeing this woman with the title of "friends with benefits" but we behaved more like a relationship. She called it off about 5-6 weeks in saying she needed space. When I gave it to her and minimized my text replies, she has done some things to really spark a reaction out of me like saying "guess you were in it for sex". I told her I'm respecting her space and she never replied but was still trying to be extremely friendly.

I found out she has been hanging out with an acquaintance of mine (NOT SURE if anything is happening or not) and when she was with me she genuinely disliked being around him.

The last two weeks has been relatively odd. She would never acknowledge my presence in the room, always have her back towards me, and she would look extremely bitter EVEN IF the acquaintance of mine is around. She would usually be quite close to him. I got used to it and it was I ended up adapting to the situation and felt fine.

Several days ago, I saw an old female friend of mine and I was pleased to see her. The acquaintance acknowledged the contact that I had with this old friend and proceeded to stare at me (I'm pretty sure he knows what happened between her and I as we kept it a secret but we were so obvious. IF they are together, they're not remotely obvious at all. In fact, today they seemed distant).

Yesterday, she saw me at the regular place as we go to the same place together and she was FRIENDLY and TEASING ME! My friend even told me she was staring at me. Saw her again today, and she was looking over at me quite a lot. Someone brought up a movie reference and immediately I see her head whips at me to see if i'm looking. I notice her looking at me with the corners of my eyes. Today, she kind of looked sad whenever she looked at me.



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  • I'm pretty sure she wants to be more than friends with you. For the most part women can't have sex and not be emotionally involved. I think she asked for space to test you.

    • How do I passs this test? So far, I haven't been reacting

    • Also, I always try to remain polite

    • Depends on her but I personally like guys who are direct since I am. You can just ask her what she want and see if it adds up to what you want.

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  • She caught feelings for you and she didn't know if you felt the same way. She must've over looked the situation and assumed you only wanted the sex. Which isn't bad right? I mean.. It did start off as "Friends with Benefits"

    • Yeah but why behave extremely cold then extremely friendly

    • She wanted to make you jealous and wanted you to crave her. In my experiences, that's just what girls do, and when it stops working, they go back to being friendly. It's horrible.

    • Now she is extremely playful. Always looking at me. thoughts?

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  • friends with benefits - will never work


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  • I would never even bother doing that in the first place.


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