She left me, dont want to be with me, I asked her if she loves me and she cries stay quiet then say yes but she won't say I love you?

She won't say i love you because she says it makes vulnerable to me, i admit my mistakes and how sometime i treated her wrong, and its not like i cheated on her nothing like that it was more my attitude, she also says she afraid if i insist too much she might end up giving me a chance and she dont want to do that, does she really loves me or not? I am so comfused


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  • Well I personally refuse to tell a guy I love him if I don't. I never saw the point in saying or hearing it. I rather a guy shoe me because I don't trust words but actions.

    • So the thing is when we start talking about my feelings for her she listens then she starts crying tell me all my mistakes, at first she told straight up i dont wanr you in my life but now she answers my calls and we talked but as soon as i start talking about my feelings i feel she is hurting and she just cries and give reason like if i leave my heart exposed to. you you will hurt me again and i domt want that, you think i still have a chance?

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    • Thank you!

    • Your welcome

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