Girls, Frustation, sadness, depresssiom, comfusion?

I was having a long distant relationship with a woman i met through my niece, she is widow and has 2 kids, it been 1 year and half sincw we met through fb then used to talk for hrs everyday, she treated like no one else ever as if i was there wirh her, bur many times i treates her wrong now she wants nothing to do with me even though she says she care so much about me and love me but that i pushed her away and i hurt her feelings, is there a chance for me here? We have only see each other in videocalls, our plan was foe her to move with me now she says no i i dont know i knoe i hurted her feelings but i dont know what can i do to win her back?


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  • It depends on what you did and they kind of woman she is.


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