What things that makes you guys doesn't want to tell the reason why you left a girl that you used to love?

Someone that ghosted me for more than a month text me again but i think not for coming back to me, he just want to let me go. I asked him where were him all this time but he only answer nothing... I don't know. But i can't accept it because there's must be a reason for it. So at that time I'm asking about the reason why he was doing that and to talk about it nicely to figure out what happened back then and tell me honestly. I even tell him it's okay if it will hurt me because i prefer knowing the truth. But he always turn over the topic until then he asked me "what for?" like he doesn't want to tell me but i think i deserve to know the reason after waiting for so long, aren't i?


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  • He has his reasons for not wanting to tell you. Maybe he would be embarrassed if yu knew, or someone close to him would be angry!

  • If someone leaves you, you are not supposed to wait. It means its over, for good. Nothing else is left. The end.

    • But there's must be a reason why he is doing that, isn't it? And I just want to know it. Is it so wrong for me to know about it? I just doesn't want to fall in the same hole again next time

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    • I have told him if we're over, it's okay. Because there's nothing i could do if the people doesn't love me anymore and i don't want to force him. What about if knowing it is the best for me? It's only his thought but i know what is best for me and that's why I'm asking. Not knowing that thing make me hard to letting him go and accept all of this situation

    • Well its over.
      And he doesn't want to talk about it anymore.
      You have to move on, you must.

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  • Why does it matter? You weren't compatible, end of story.

    • I'm not compatible? okay fine. But on which one on me that not compatible. I need to know that so i could be a better person in the person. Is it so wrong to ask that?

    • Wrong to ask? Not at all, I totally understand... but it's not you, it's you and him. A good partner is one you am be yourself with. That's the magic, to find someone that loves and accepts you. It's a synergy of how two unique individuals click. You just need to be you and learn to listen to your heart... surely there were things that you weren't comfortable with as his girl. Once your learn to see what didn't feel right for you, you will be better equipped to recognize a good match in the future. You're awesome, he's probably awesome (though he sucks at communication), you're just not awesome together.

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