Does ex's behavior after a breakup tell more about their personality, how much they wanted to break up or the quality of the past relationship?

  • Their personality. It can really show the ugly side of them.
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  • The quality of the past relationship and how much they were invested in it.
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  • How much they wanted the breakup to happen. Even if they were the dumper they can be very angry and in a lot of pain.
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  • It depends on how bad the breakup was? I think their is always one of the ex's that wants to try and get back together with the other ex.

    • It was pretty bad!! It was due to a misunderstanding/disagreement/argument and it was just the stupidest thing ever and both of us were really hurt by it.

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    • That's just what it's been like, a rollercoaster ride! Not only his behavior but my feelings as well. I'm going back and forth with having him in my life and walking away. I still feel strongly for him, I'm not fully over it and I do miss him. Then again he hurt me pretty bad and I don't know if I can forget it or trust that he won't do the same thing again! If he would've behaved like an grown up I wouldn't have so hard time with this 'cause I do think what we had was worth saving. But after the sh*tstorm he made me go through, I'm not so sure anymore. If that's what he's really like, I don't want him. If it was something else and he's never been like that before and won't behave that way again, I'd be ready to talk about it, but I don't know if what I saw was the true him or did it just get out of hands...

    • True you make great points. It's always a hard decision to keep an ex around or leave them. It gets tough when your not fully over them and healed. He should be lucky you even talk to him still. That is another issue will he keep acting like that when he was giving you a hard time after the breakup. Can he change and get better and improve. Your right if he handled the breakup like a grown up then thing's would had been different.

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