Why do people take a breakup to another level?

Okay maybe it's because I have not experienced a lot of break ups. I have only gone through two breakups and the last breakup I went through took almost three years to fully recover. What I felt after the girl broke up with me was sadness, frustration and anger. I didn't feel like doing anything I just wanted to stay in bed and sleep all day or write in my journal or listen to music. But some people just take it way over the top. For example let's say there's a girl that just got dumped by her boyfriend. The girl gets depressed and a month later she starts smoking weed, drinking, going out late and not coming back home and eventually fucking up in school. Why do people do this? It's not like it's gonna solve the problem. Do they want to worry their ex, grab attention?


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  • pretty much yes. it is to get your attention most of the time

  • it's absolutely for attention, you hit the nail on the head.


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