Which is more painful?

i broke up with my boyfriend recently and i felt so immense pain that i was wondering if i would have felt better if he passed away instead *touch wood*. the difference is that when u lose someone whos still alive, u can try to negotiate and get them back. (which might worsen your emotions tbh) but when someone passes away, you have no choice but to accept it and move on. im not sure which is more easy to accept and move on though.
  • Losing someone you love who is still alive (breakups)
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  • Losing someone you love bc s/he passed away
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What Guys Said 2

  • you can't find closure if your SO is dead. its a lot worse

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    • so one day i will move on no longer how long it takes? what if im unable to move on forever because i keep having this hope that one day we will be together again

    • as long as you don't keep in contact, you will. guaranteed

  • That's tricky but maybe losing them from death is harder because there is no getting them back

    • Sometimes it feels like a a death since your relationship did die

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    • if we keep talking it will be hard for me to move on so i have to break off all contact as if he's dead. and the worst is i know he isn't and he's having fun without me.

    • Yeah I see your point but you may still come across him at times by accident since he isn't dead just the relationship is, either way it still hurts

What Girls Said 1

  • Breakups hurt less. My mother has divorced twice, the first one was from my father. She is over both of them now, it didn't take her as long as I thought it would either. But she stills cries when she hears a certain song or she gets teary eyed when she drives by a place that reminds her of a boyfriend she had around 20 years ago who passed away. Till this day we still go visit his grave.


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