Should I be pissed?

so my ex and i was talking about getting back together because we only broke up because of distance almost 2yrs ago and since feelings are still strong we were each other first and only real love we said ok i wanna try again
but he has/had a girlfriend they been dating a month and she's 8 months pregnant with twin (not his babies) but she asked if hed claim them and sign the birth certificate (he said no he's not trying to have issues with they daddy) a lot oh shit been going on with them and they broke up this morning
and she apparently been cusing people all day and having contraceptions but refuse to go to the hospital up until a hr ago it's 2am and she called him crying from the hospital she's in labor and he is walking to the hospital and I'm pissed because if they really through why she call him why he going (he swear he just going to shut her up and wait till her mom get there) i call bs I don't know what to do because i love this man to much but I'm pissed rn
Update he broke up with me for her their engaged


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  • well, he is trying to help a woman in labour. you should be supportive of that. imagine yourself in her situation and no one to take care of her in such a situation. he's gonna be with her only until her mom arrives. this is the problem with all women. women dont understand other women.

    • this women lives with her family i know for a fact her aunt and cousin where with her while she was having contractions at home so why they ain't going to be their why he gotta walk 2hrs to get to the hospital but her aunt gotta car her momma got a car... they going to get there before him

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    • he's baby hungry I don't know about him sometimes

    • lol really!! most men wouldn't want other's kids. why not you give him a baby? lol jk anyways the bottom line is dont worry. he'll not go to her.

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  • Your ex is still obviously into his girlfriend and he is going to support her during this time. It's selfish to expect him to just drop everything because of you. You are not his girlfriend, nor his recent ex.

    • i didn't ask him to he choice to he wanted this second chance he broke up with her i didn't ask him to because i honestly i fucked up things the first time o said no to his proposal to go to college instead of staying and marrying him i think i did the right thing for me not us and i still love him but i want him to be happy and if he's happy raising 2 other mans 3 kids with a girl that looks like a box troll so be it but i dont wanna be dragged along and played with

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  • Baby mamma drama lol
    You still love this guy after 2 years but you never moved on... even once he wanted to date her

    You sure he's getting back with you because he wants to or because your his second choice though since it didn't work out with this baby mamma drama chick...

    • he broke up with her so no I'm not second choice and i did move on i had 3 bfs since 2 i loved 1 i lived with but I've always had strong feeling for him no matter what he was there for me when i found out my little sister was raped and had her baby (beautiful nephew) i was there for him when his ex miscarried and left him we always have been there just to talk together or not i love that

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    • how am i trouble

    • You don't mind sharing lol

  • True he should of broke things off all the way


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  • He's just going there to support her - even if he's not gonna sign and even if he's the last person to be there. I mean he's the last person she's had anything with and has trusted, so on her place I'd call him too. I don't think there's anything wrong with that he went there, as long as he doesn't claim the babies, it's alright.

  • depends on what he's doing... if he's going to be supportive and not sign then I'd say no, but he should have asked and made sure you were okay with it... but he's most likely going as a friend to support a woman who might just be sad that she's going through it alone... I'd wait to see what happens... if you love him, id say trust him until he proves he's unworthy of it... but it's not my life and I'm just a 16 year old... I hope things work out 👍

    • he has a super soft spot for babies and according to him he can't stand this girl and i feel like soon as he sees the babies he'll be easily manipulated into bs

    • well if he is that's his loss cuz he'll lose his chance with you, a great woman... which he'll regret in like 5 min... but if the relationship is meant to be then it will... but it's his chance to make the decision...

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