He treated me like dirt and dumped me. How do I get over it?

my ex likes to make it seem like I was crazy. He would do shitty things, and I'd call him out on it. A few days ago, we argued about something I did on my bday. He didn't get me a gift or plan anything by the way. He was upset because we went to a painting class and I didn't want him helping me. He brought this up a few nights ago and I told him I was upset he didn't do anything special for my birthday, but he didn't listen. I apologized and he said I'm full of shit. I got mad and we argued. We get home and I was tired of fighting, I apologized. He said he has nothing to say to me and I need to leave. I snapped and began to tell him how much of a jerk he was. "You always treat me like shit, why am I with an asshole like you?" Finally he grabbed me by my hair and pulled me out the door and threw my bag out. I pushed myself back in "you're a punk, what kind of man does that? I fucking hate you! I'm done!" This is basically what I said all night. He yelled and tried to get me out and he tells me he can't be with me because I always harass him. What? It's like he pokes at me and then plays the victim. I should've left, but I didn't because this man loved to yell at me and decide he was done with the convo when it's my turn to talk. I'm embarrassed that I acted poorly, but I was so angry. He made it seem like I'm the one that causes all this drama. Eventually he calls the police because I wasn't leaving, and it's safe to say I'm DONE. But I still feel angry. More towards myself, for acting like that and allowing him in my life.

I feel so freaking pissed off and I want to slash his tires or do something crazy, but I know it won't make me feel better. I just wish he knew he was an asshole and I didn't deserve it. I wish I didn't put up with it. I just regret so much about the relationship. Will it get better? Or will I turn into those bitter women that are constantly defensive and paranoid? Anyone else can relate?


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  • Maybe, certainly doing something that will get you in jail won't make it easier for you.
    Understand what got you in the relationship in the first place and analyze if you fucked up from the beginning.
    Normal people dont go from perfect boyfriend to cunt in a short period of time.

    • He slowly turned into a jerk. I was with him for 5 years. If anything, I started off nice and ended up being a bitch.

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  • I would fucking kick his face if I was you, he is a little pussy
    the only thing you can do is to be nice to him because this will drives him crazy even more but if he starts to do shity stuff then you have to defend yourself as much as you can
    still, don't fall at his level, you deserve much better

    • Decided to send him a lengthy text telling him what I felt and asking him to stay out of my life.

    • no dont, you will show him that he can hurt you, be careful which words you pick

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  • forget him asap... the better off u would be.. this asshole dosent deserve u.. do not take any tension.
    u deserve a lot better man dann him

  • Hang out with me , we can swap stories

  • Why do women date assholes?

    • I'm not dating him any longer. He was the good guy at first, turned out to be a jerk.

    • Pfft yeah right. The fact that he was an asshole was what drew him to you.

    • Not true. The fact that he appeared to be kind and family oriented is what drew me to him. By the time he showed his true colors, I had deep feelings. Nobody sets out to find a jerk to date. Some people fool you and treat you like crap once they see you love them.

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  • You apologize too much and he's convinced you that you are the sorry one or crazy person. He assisted you and you still felt like it was your fault. You give out what you attract. Like if you always seem like the victim, he'll treat you like one. Don't be angry with yourself for anything nor regret anything. It was a lesson and you can now fully move on. Focus on you.

    • Your response really gave me some comfort. Thank you.

    • I hope so. You deserve so much better. I also take birthdays very seriously. If you are telling someone that they have hurt you and they decide that they haven't run! I say go get a makeover, workout, plan a trip, redecorate your place, etc. Get rid of everything or change things that remind you of him. You need something new in your life to appreciate. #1 priority is YOU

    • You're awesome thank you!!

  • I say avoid seeing him and block him on everything. There are some bad people out there. You gotta be careful.

    • If only she didn't friendzone or reject the good guy amirite?

    • @followthebuzzards why would I reject a good guy? I'm not looking for an asshole

  • I also recently came out of a bad relationship like yours it ended yesterday and he also put a good guy act upa as yours did in the start untill i saw his true colors too is abusive aswell and also blames me when he clearly has issues so i know how you feel and it hurts even though they assholes a part of us still loves them thats whats messed up when they dont deserve it, i hope it gets better for you some people take longer to get over some one unfortunately , and it is true that those who treat us like shit are the cause of how we are in a new relationship so you might be a different person after this but if you meet a good guy make sure you look out for the signs as the asshole you were with because they portray themselfs to be such gentlemen meanwhile when they win you over they stop caring and chasing you i went through the exact same, how are you getting over him at the moment?

    • Sent him a long text message saying what I've always wanted to say and told him to stay out of my life for good. I blocked his number and cried like a baby to my mom. I still feel like crap. Mainly because I acted like a crazy person, but I'm taking it one day at a time right now. I'm just happy I can binge watch orange is the new black to distract me.

    • Honestly he seems like the cause of all the drama and issues do not blame urself or feel guilty at all, the fact that he threw you out like that was so rude and shows he has no respect for you and ur right who does that to they girlfriend, you deserve better , he seems the type to get violent that he pulled you by ur hair aswell its better you got out now, they say crying it all out helps but i dont know feeling pretty shitty too, i hope it gets better just try to be positive and focus on your goals etc mainly yourself for once.:)

    • I will do that. And yeah, I'm just happy to be out of the relationship. Next time I'm just gonna walk away with my dignity lol

  • No need to get revenge. i know it's maddening but just walk away and try to calm down right now. In the end you will feel better and it will be easier to move on. Try to do other things to take your mind off him. He's abusive and you don't need that in your life.


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