What would you do?

seeing a women off and on for 7 years long story short tells me she pregos then ignores me. should I walk away or what I'm lost and confused


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  • is she pregnant from you?

    • she says its mine but I don't know really

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    • then leave her be. just give her time. she'll probably come around when she's ready

    • easier said then done. I care to much clearly leave her alone clearly that's what she wants hopefully its not to late when she comes around this isn't good for my soul or feelings

What Guys Said 1

  • yeah my dude.. you should definitely not just walk away from a woman potentially pregnant with your child. At the very least find out if it's yours. Then move forward from there

    • ok well when she block me and ignores me what em I suppose to do? there's good reason it might not be mine

    • Drive to her house man. You said you've been off/on for around seven years. Surely there's other ways than your phone to get a hold of her

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