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i was in a relationship with a guy i loved , i saw future with regardless age. It was a really complicated relationship before we dated , my mom sometimes talked to him when i was sad to help him realise what he did was wrong. That bothered him so i talked to my mom , told her that regardless her not meaning no harm , she should stop this and she said she would. We were really happy , he was the love of my life. After 3 month , a lot of problems happened , and he ended up breaking up with me and he started smoking after wards. His friend then got us to meet , i discovered that after we once had a really huge fight in which he fucked my feelings up , my mom had told him what he did was wrong. And since then he had been mad , and that caused all of our fights , that s why he wanted to break up with me , knowing i m not be blamed if my mom is over protective. So before i left i went to shake hands since it was the last time i would see him , so he moved my hand and took me in his arms , i had nothing to do but to cry on his shoulders. After all that he posted something that said "if missing u comes in waves , tonight i m drowning" so i talked to him , talked to my mom and told her what happened , that made her realise she mistaken and she promisrd me she would never dp that again since she knows my happiness is with him and him only. Today he passed by said hi and left. Theb texted me saying "we both know your mom is going to interfere again. I love you. But i can t carry on " he broke up with me two days in a week , i m a wreck , what i did ia deleting all my social media because that s the source of all my problems. I really need advice , someone to help me. thank u


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  • OK, I haven't read anyones comments so this is coming from me and a lot of times kids don't like my suggestions and I couldn't give a rats ass who don't like me! First let me say you have a unique way of stating whats on your mind. Secondly, hows Mom keep getting in your business? Is she just reading your body language or what? Thirdly (could've been 1) you're so young that I want to tell you something that I'll guarantee you, this hurt that is consuming you will subside. I've gone through a whole lot of hurt & look, I'm still here. I'm not saying you and him shouldn't be together, but figure out why you two are fighting so much. Write back when you have it together. We'd like to hear how ya doing! GOOD LUCK!!😊

    • well sadness is indeed difficult to hide , especially from a mom. Once she realises i m sad , i can t help myself from talking to her about what's hurting me i might be 16 years old but believe me i m not a person that's illogical , i m never sad for lame reasons. That used to push my mom to try to help me by talking to him. But nowadays after all the drama i got through , she stays as far as she could be from him , trying to avoid any type of problem. I know you must see i m too young to really love , but believe me age never matters , it's the person that builds up those beautiful feelings in you. And i can't believe that that person , who'm i've been through so much with , who'm i've forgiven through thick and thin is so worried that mom is going to interfere (which she swore she won t seeing how hopeless i am without him)

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    • you are very welcome well we came back together and then he got afraid of the problems anf afraid of hurting me and left. The weak person he always was

    • That's OK, you're young enough to learn from this and it'll make you a better, stronger person.

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  • This is kind of confusing but I will say this... I see you are young so first, however you feel right now definitely isn't permanent. You will get over it. Secondly. If you don't want your mom interfering in your relationships , decision making, etc... stop telling her every single thing. No, I wouldn't want my mom talking to my boyfriend every time we got into a fight but I also wouldn't tell my mom every time we got into a fight either. If he doesn't want to get back with you, accept it and focus on moving on. When the right person comes along, it won't be all of that nonsense.

    • decisions about not talking about every single detail with my mom have been made. I understand that i m young. But i seriously love him , like , i just can't seem to understand the fact that he left for such a lame reason knowing that it's promised not to happen again. And no he s not a bad person , he's an amazing guy , that transforms when he's in anger , his words become , dangerous , if i am may say. And i thought he d trust me on the fact that nothing of that nonsense would happen again

  • Sounds like he is not committed enough to you to risk dealing with your mom.


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