Talking to the ex! What do I do?

Alright I know you gotta play the game and pretty much treat it as tho its someone new your talking to.

Now my ex is the kind of girl who takes her phone everywhere (unless she's changed I doubt it). We were talking for a bit and then she's just stopped, she's playing hard to get or just not interested, ain't too sure yet. But should I msg her again in a couple days or just leave it til she contacts me.

Also any other tips you can think of ^^

Btw she blames me for the relationship and doesn't think she done anything bad! It was 6 months ago that we broke up.


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  • Well, I guess the true question is "do you want to be with her?"

    Ask yourself this seriously, because... first of all, if she's still butt-hurt over the whole break up thing, and won't take any responsibility... it may not be the best idea to date her. Considering she just randomly stopped talking, maybe she's being shady? Seeing who she can meet, blahblahblah.. and if none of that works out, she already knows she has you.

    Staying civil is a lot eaiser than wanting to slit eachother's throats... maybe you should just give her space, and enjoy your own time.


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