Can't stop thinking or caring about my ex 6 years later! Help?

So I'm 38 and 6 years ago me and my girlfriend broke up and I can't get her out of my head. I've dated others and that seems to help so does keeping busy but I'm on vacation and not doing much. Any ideas on what to do? I also see her modeling pics up and that doesn't help 😠Can't stop thinking or caring about my ex 6 years later! Help!?


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  • I've seen the pics of your current partner and she is georgeous. Unless your ex has something she doesn't; like 3 tits and a private island off Florida, appreciate what you have and forget about it...

    • she is my ex. Well from 6 years ago. and I wish I could forget trust me. I'd give anything

    • Well in that case I'd say you're pretty fine from where I'm looking... single and georgeous? Get yourself a bird with 3 tots and a private island off Florida!!!

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  • Always remember why did you both break up in the first place, focus on remembering the negative things not the positive, of course you will feel extremely nostalgic when you see gorgeous pictures of her like this, these pictures aren't "that", am not belittling her beauty, am just saying that she's less perfect than what you see in this pics, you haven't seen her in person for Avery long time so you forgot the negatives about her.
    I recommend cutting all the sources that can show you pictures of her, and notice the beauty of other women and try to see those who are more beautiful than her, so that you don't feel like she's superior, cus she really isn't, I don't see super gorgeousness in this picture but of course I didn't date her to understand, I am just an outsider, and outsiders give the most real opinions.

    • You are right but you don't see it bc you didn't date her is perfect. That's my point. I screwed it up I freaked out and pushed her away bc for the first time ever I truly fell in love. I thought I had before but this was completely different. and no no one's perfect but she didn't have many flaws. I have dated since her but it didn't help much

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    • Just contact her then and see where she's at, ask her out to catch up.

    • unfortunately right now I'm not ready for a relationship which is really annoying, I pretty much hit rock bottom and am just not ready. I just worry that it's been so long I'm sure she has forgot about us. she moved on very quickly and never looked back

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  • How do you just "see her modeling pics"? She's not a VS model or in Cosmo or Men's Fitness

  • You surely so in love with the woman! Ehy dont you try to call her and say your "Hi" maybe that would help.

    • I haven't talked to her in 4 or 5 years! How sad is that. I know I have built her up into this perfect person as well

    • it wouldn't help I pushed her away and she was hurt she put up a huge wall as well

  • You really need to find someone else and stop looking at her pictures.

    • I don't there just everywhere and I said I've dated numerous people. it hasn't helped but temporarily

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  • At this point I think you're more in love with the idea of her than actually her. You've fallen in love with the idea of being with her, this "perfect" person in your eyes and since you've made her out to be that way no other girl will ever be able to compare. You should block her out of everything and erase all her pics and don't search up her modelling pics. You need to cut everything out of your life that connects you to her and only then can you properly move on.


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