Am I being paranoid?

My boyfriend and I have had a bit of a rocky relationship but two years later here we are, we made it through all the ups and downs 😊. That being said... lately... I just feel like something's wrong. Constantly. He was on a trip for a week where we couldn't really talk (habitat for humanity.) and now he's taken on a new second job. He's a lot more busy and tired than usual. But I'm still just not sure if he seems distant and if we spend less time together because he's busy and tired from working so much... or if he's just not interested in me anymore. What do you think? Am I being completely paranoid about this?


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  • If you guys are still being sexual your fine


What Girls Said 1

  • his distantness and him not being able to spend time with you is making you feel insecure. if you guys spent more time with each other you'd feel okay. you just are feeling sad cause he's been busy and is away a lot. it's normal a lot of people miss the attention and love they get from their partner. you aren't paranoid. it could also be from what has happened in the past that makes you have a little bit of trust issues.


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