I can't take it anymore my ex is making posts on facebook makes me feel guilty should I talk to her or keep no contact?

She makes me feel guilty, it's like i didn't care or love her and left her, but she is the one who choose to end it, and now she is acting like a victim, i still got stong feelings for her, and i really wanna get her back, should i talk to her or just keep no contact?


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What Girls Said 1

  • Keep no contact and block her.

    • Is there a chance that she could come back to me if i did that?, i don't wanna look needy or desperate but i really miss her, she's the one who brought the love to my heart and made me know what love means.

What Guys Said 1

  • Why the fuck would you keep follow your ex on facebook. Delete her and move on instead of worrying what she is saying to her friends. No matter what every ex will put you in a negative light to make them look better. Just roll with it and keep ignoring her.

    • She is the only girl i choose in my entire life and she is the only girl i loved, beside that a lot of girls approach me but i can't feel anythibg towords them, and i can't delete her she is one of my family,... Its complicated

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