He WON'T let me go?

(Sorry English it's my second language)
I've been dating this guy for a bit over two months, and things got serious quite fast, at the same time things got really messy really fast.. continuous fights, jealousy etc... Of course I was to blame for many of the things he was feeling hurt from, but for how mean I might come off as, that's not what I think a relationship should be looking like.

Now of course I really liked him, but a lot of times I found myself wondering if what I liked the most was his attentions and love, or him as a person.

Of course he is really attractive and smart, but most of the time I felt things circled around him, his issues, his past and his future.. I tend to eclisse in this realtionship. And some times it makes me feel a little sick.

I tried to break up with him for the past 3/4 days and things got messy. He started talking me into thinking that I am wrong breaking up with him, that I'm being selfish, that I never liked him, that "if I separate him from my negative feelings towards our relationship I will be able to notice how much I like him" and that we will be able to go over our characterial issues.. and then talking about his complicated past and how he needs me. I feel I am not strong enough to leave him, and I don't know what I am doing anymore. Any help?
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I start feeling that maybe there is something wrong with me, maybe I'm being selfish and running away from this realtionship without giving him more chances.. I don't know..
He WON'T let me go?
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