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we are both unhappy I feel it but when I think of him with a other female it drives me crazy ... what can I do to move on?

i hate to let him go cause of our kids but I can't do this any more and I need to stop my thoughts that are holding me back... but how?


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  • What thoughts are you having? Are they the ones with him and other women?

    If you're not happy there's two options I would suggest.

    1. Seek a couples counselor to help, so that you can try to make it work esp for your childrens sake.

    2. Leave. If you really aren't happy with him, have fallen out of love with him, or don't see the relationship working again then you should break-up with him. The longer you stay in a relationship while unhappy, things just get worse.

    You should also work on ways to reduce your stress. The only way I think that would help you move on is to occupy your mind with other things. Think hobbies, priorities, your children...etc. Take your mind off it.


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  • take the kids and run...


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  • well sweets,

    Talk to him directly and sweetly.. share ur feelngs and thoughts with him ... and then c was the outcome ..

    Good luck :)


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