How many times until you draw the line?

I was with the same woman for almost 6 years. the last year and two months of that we were married. over that time period we split up 4 times. now we agreed to separate and our time was up. now after being tossed out of my home with no warning. and no am trying to find a place for myself once again. she talks like if I would just change to the person she imagines I should or could be. then we could fix it. I dont think I can imagine fixing it. I think I have tried all I can try to be the person she wants me to be. but I can only be me. what are you thoughts?


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  • You deserve to be with someone who wants to be with who you ARE. Not who you could be.

    • thank you. I feel the same.

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    • I have that yes. but I do not fear for my life. and I know drugs may mask it. but they won't fix it. I just need to find me again. me was a very Happy guy.

    • Depression is a chemical imbalance. The medications don't just treat the symptoms. They correct the imbalance.

  • You should leave.

    • I have left but would like to know why she thinks there is a chance.

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