How can you tell when your boyfriend is going to breakup woth you?

Today me and my boyfriend went out at first it was great but then he seemed very distant. As we walked along the beach he'd make small convo and I'd grab his arm to hold but he'd distant himself or plainly would not even acknowledge my arm was there. Towards the end of the day he seemed completely gone, i would talk to him and he'd ignore me or nod his head. I reach to hold his hand and he'd just keep his hand still. I hugged him but it was only me hugging. I tried talking to him to see if something was bothering him, something personal but he said all was ok. I didn't believe him and now I feel he's ready to break up. He texted me saying there was something he needed to say but he rather say it next time he sees me. I'm worried but I'm ready to accept whatever it is. But what do you guys/ girls think?


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  • U know there is nothing that makes me for example more shure to break up then a girl wich is just accepting that it's over. if he wants to break up there is something that makes him not feel that he loves u anymore. Think what could have been happen ( if he is cheating fuck off and leave). fight for him and maybe he will remember why he loved u. If u don't then he haven't been that important maybe.


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  • It does sound that way. How long have you been together?

    • Tomorrow would mark 5 months

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    • I'm thinking that he's not feeling it anymore, but that he does actually care about you. Seems like he's a decent guy trying to do the right thing without you getting hurt.

    • @dragonfly6516 wow so much useful info. probably best opinion I've seen all day, including yesterday too. Not sounding sarcastic here

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  • maybe
    just maybe
    it is possible that he might be having a shit load of stuff in his head.
    or as dragonfly suggested , might be the end of the 'honeymoon phase '


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  • Well I knew my boyfriend was gonna break up with me because he was really distant and he wouldn't talk to me as much anymore so I figured okay something isn't right. I called it before it actually happened too because he also hit me with the we need to meet in person to talk convo. I went in knowing what was going to happen by was still hurt by it ya know.


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