What to do about my ex? I want him back 😪?

Okay so basically... was in a long distance 'thing' where we both decided we wouldn't have a relationship because too hard. But he would call me every night on Skype and every free minute he had. And I went up to see him (he lives interstate) a couple of weeks ago, and he was messaging other girls in front of me which pissed me off so we broke it off.

I ignored him for a bit but then missed him too much, so I told him this, he called me and we decided to stay friends. And now even though we are 'friends' he calls me up every night to talk for hours. He asked to call me just to talk for 15 minutes last night and we ended up on the phone for 2 hours. And he spends SOME of the time complaining to me about wanting to find a girl and have a connection with her, despite the fact that he obviously has a connection with me as we talk so much and just get each-other on so many levels. And we're both very physically attracted. I don't understand if he actually cares about me at all.. 😕

What to do about my ex? I want him back 😪?
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