Letting him know?

How should I let my ex boyfriend know that I am seeing someone else? I told him that I needed space and just wanted to be friends right now..

He still tries..he calls me everyday several times, he took me out on a date and brought me flowers...got a job because he's trying to be responsible..but he wasn't always that way...for almost a year I tagged behind him trying to get his full attention...after a while the fire died. He still says that he loves me and wants to be my son's father. ( he's not my son Biological father BTW, he just kind of decided in the last couple of months that he wanted to be his "daddy")

So now I've gone on several dates and talk frequently with another guy...who is a lot older than me but is a college graduate, super responsible, super sweet, super into me and we have quite a bit in common. How do I let him(my ex) down easy? I know he loves me, he just acts like too much of a teenage boy. We are at different stages in our lives.


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  • You have identified the problem. You have outgrown this really nice guy who is trying so hard but it's futile in that you have emotionally checked out. You owe him honesty, Sweetie. Wouldn't you want the same? Sure, it will sting for a while for him - but he deserves to get on with his life and be with a woman who adores him. You are trying to spare his feelings but really hurting him by being dishonest and leading him on. I"m sorry. You will have to be straight with him. Tell him you think he is a wonderful guy - you have enjoyed being with him but you feel that the relationship has run its course. Wish him well but that you can no longer give him what he deserves. Don't feel guilty - Not all relationships are meant to last. You owe him honesty.Good luck and happiness with your new guy. NO need to mention him - The one you are breaking up with will think it's his fault - and I don't think that's how you feel.

    • Thanks Louise~! This is realy great advice..and your completely right. I really appreciate it.

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  • Give it to him straight. Tell him the truth. Don't sugar coat it.


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  • PS Am sorry - Didn't read the first part of your posting very closely. You're already broken up wtih this first guy? Just tell him - you met somebody new. End of subject. He'll be sad but he'll get over it. He can't just decide he wants to be another man's "Daddy"... Let him go and don't worry about it. He'll find a nce girl - but I still say you owe him honesty. YOu wanted space to be with another guy. Just be honest.

    • Actually the other guy didn't come into the picture until about three weeks after I told him I wanted space...but I guess you could still say that..lol

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