What is the issue? He just shut me out without saying anything. Am I overreacting or is there something wrong?

Me and my ex have starting talking again after realising things, and we are just seeing how things work out. We had many months of space apart in the time I changed and grew up, and I didn't want to lose him so I fought for him, he's real important to me. As he was my bestfriend prior to dating, so we are friends at the moment but it's more than friends.. but we aren't dating as it's not the right time. We just want to get to know one another again and start afresh. We have a really good bond and a deep connection, and things seem to be going well. We are just enjoying each other's company. He flirts with me and talks to me more than a friend. I still love him and he says he likes me a lot. We made plans to see each other soon as we are long distance and have booked everything, he was so excited to visit. Everything was going well to my knowledge We last spoke a few days ago and I didn't want to disturb him as I know he would be busy due to the weekend but he still didn't speak to me after the weekend so I started to get a little worried so I text him asking if everything is ok and my messages didn't deliver. It seems as if he has blocked me, I'm hoping that this isn't the case but I just don't understand, the reason why I'm paranoid is because blocking is extreme and in 5 years he only has blocked me once when we broke up as we were arguing like crazy, it took a lot so I'm a little on edge, why would he do that now when he is coming to see me and we were making good progress. I'm so heartbroken.. we haven't argued or nothing went wrong this time so it doesn't make sense. I'm going to text him from another device in a few days to see if I have been blocked. How can I confront him about this in a mature manner and not argue or look needy, because I need to know what's happening and if he's still coming over. Any suggestions of texts to send? Please don't say move on etc, because a lot of money and time has been invested into our trip and I've made a lot of effort


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  • It seems to me you're dealing with a lot of perfection and cautious in that relationship by avoiding make any mistake that would ruin your current relationship... and that's wrong because you punish yourself by not living in that relationship as you are or want. (too much pressure on yourself)

    I know the (move on) word is not one of your options... so the best thing you can do is call from another number to see if you're on the blacklist or not.
    if you already on the blacklist... confront and ask him about what happens.
    at least you'll know where you are in that relationship.

    Good luck...
    let us know what happens so we can give you more tips.


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  • most guys do this. they just have a fit I guess and then they get a good excuse to make thenselves feel pissed at you. and they fight. . ostly because they're week and want to get attention and want to be the ones who are the victims. about the blocking, I always blocked my ex because I got hurt by him. and my ex blocked me when he was so pissed and he didn't want to talk to me because he said if he did at that time then in anger he would've said some horrible things. I don't know about yours thiugh because if everything was going good, idm why most guys ruin a perfect relationship. they dig drama I guess. I'm talking about most guys thought, not all guys.


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  • If he's blocked you then it's pretty obvious he isn't as interested as you felt he was. People don't do it for no reason, and to cut you off without a conversation shows he doesn't want you to contact him.
    Moving on IS an option, the amount of time, effort and money you've invested doesn't mean anything if he doesn't want it. If someone can disrespect you enough to refuse all contact when you have done all those things then they aren't worthy of it

  • I feel for you, guys suck


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