A nonsense breakup?

we've been friends or best friends for a long time and since then we had developed a crush and fallen for each others... too much problems happened... but anyways we ended up in a relationship, after 3 days he broke up saying that we need to because we're getting too attached to each others and it gonna just screw up my life as it has done to my studies (and this ain't true actually it helped me to produce more when it came to studies).. and this decision though we're in love.. what do you think?


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  • Probably just your age and being young and not having the life experience yet to handle all those life pressures at once. Just tell him he is panicking and it is ok to take a step back and take a deep breath to slow the pace down and maybe try again later.


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  • it's just an excuse. guys dont hate when they're getting too attached in a relationship to eachother. there's probably a reason behind it. a third person or some other reason that he doesn't want you to know


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  • Bullshit is always the hidden culprit behind every break up known to mankind.


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  • it's a half-assed excuse he gave.

    he wanted to break up with you but didn't want to tell you the real reason, because it would probably hurt you more.

    • he probably regreted becoming your boyfriend, because he probably was confused about how he felt for you.

      after you guys started dating he realised he mistook his feelings for like/love and didn't know how to get out of the situation without hurting you. so he invented that lame excuse.

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    • then you need to ask him honestly if the reason was your grades

      or if he just didn't want to hurt you when he discovered that he had misinterpreted the feelings he had for you?

    • not just grades he said because we're being attached to each others and he didn't want to screw up my life

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