Why would she do something like this to me?

So last month, my ex broke it off with me as she needed space. She has done a couple things to make me react but I didn't. I just kept my distance, played it cool, and just waiting for her to come back to me.

The last two weeks have been quite on and off. Whenever she would see me, she would always seem very upset and generally always have her back facing me. Last Friday when I saw her, her attitude changed quite significantly. She started teasing me, talking to me, my friend said she even noticed her STARE at me super hard, occasionally I would see her looking at me with a sad look.

Obviously, these are all my views. Just would like to know what your thoughts are. I do want her back. I do love her. But I feel in a sense she may be seeing someone else who I might know. I'm unsure.


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What Girls Said 1

  • She might be childish acting that way and playing with your feelings. ... another point might be she might be expecting you to chase her but u didn't... So take things slow. ... just hey hey. .. don't rush or show desperation. .. Act cool


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  • move on bud. she is for sure, she will act mad when you show her no attention then try and get you to pay attention to her. this is a game I'm 99%sure of it

    • Why would she want to play games?

    • some people just want to watch the world burn man. there are a ton a reasons to play games. Question is do you want to invest your time and energy on a person who is acting a fool or someone who treats you right and is upfront open and honest all the time with you.

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