When someone tells you they need to be by them selfs do they come back?

I found out my ex was talking to some chick and when I confronted him he said she was nobody a week after he said he was getting to know her And was interested. Following week he went out with her came home and told me he was falling out love so I left the house. He try dating her right away but things didn't work out because she was seeing other guys is been 2 months and he shows no emotions towards me he said he loves me will always love me but needs to figure out what makes him happy will he ever. Come back? I never cheated was always good to him


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What Guys Said 1

  • it sounds like he isn't ready to settle down.

    some people feel the need to go out and meet other people and play the field a bit. it's natural.

    of course he still loves you but he isn't ready for that type of relationship he isn't sure if what he is feeling is love without knowing other people and loving other people.

    will he come back? flip a coin. who knows
    I'd say probably not in the way you want.

    you should move on. the relationship is over and you have a chance to find someone now as well


What Girls Said 1

  • yeah usually they do. they just need time to find themselves or some peace

    • But he's very unemotional and he's always busy working and working out he never had time to text he hasn't text me in 2 months

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