Why did he unfriend me but keep me on other medias?

I broke up with him and he said he understood why, but I don't think he really did. He was kind of bitter about it saying "i get your point. I wasn't aware that i did x & y so it won't change so you're right for being done with me. You'll do better, its not hard to understand" (WTF?)

He then tweeted about me (without my name) and a couple days later unfollowed me on twitter. Why? did he already move on? We also met on twitter. I just don't get why he unfollowed me (and so quick) but we're still connected via other medias... I'd understand if he wanted to completely erase me but he didn't.. He has me on snapchat but won't watch my story.
It hurts but I still check his profile...
Should I just completely delete him from my life?


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  • You broke up with him, and your upset he's not watching your shit. are you for real?

    You hurt him when you broke up with him, he's trying his best right now to forget you even exist. why would he unfollow you?

    • wouldnt*

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    • I always say if it's gna end, it's never gna end well. You can reconcile after years have passed but in the moment it just never ends well.

      and he did care he just doesn't want to show you that.

    • That's true, I don't think break ups are ever easy :/

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