Do you think we will still being Friends?

Me bestfriend cheated on her girlfriend with me, we just make out, but he told her and she forgive him but she prohibited him to talk with me ir even see me.
But he secretly talk to me once in a while, and his girlfriend is moving to another city


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  • Im feeling you're being a side soon of this guy and smh you enjoy it. please don't ruin your bestie 's relationship.. you have already ruined once.. now please back off. He would surely fuck with you once his girlfriend goes out of city.. its upto you now how you take things.. wanna do it again with him or try and move away from him.. coz he is going to meet you once his girlfriend is gone out of city. Now he will be the culprit as well. Please don't ruin a relationship.. its your bestie's. And as a bestie.. you must leave him. Show up the character.

    Or.. other way around.. let him break up with his girlfriend.. and then you guys do whatever you want.. rhi that sounds so horrible as of now.. but this could also be a possibility.. and a solution too.. coz he cheated anyway on his girlfriend.. when he did that with you. Totally a turn off!


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  • yea, you should reach out to him once she moves away. don't lose your best friend because his girlfriend is a nazi

  • Kind of. It's OK if it's purely platonic but it's probably most better to give that friend some space since they did cheat with you.

  • He will play it under the radar for as long as he can i bet


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