I was hooking up with my ex then I found out he had another girlfriend so I told her, was this wrong?

we had been seeing each other again for about 3 months when I found out he had a girlfriend, so I texted her and told her what happened. was this wrong of me to do?
  • thats wrong you shouldn't have told her
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  • You can't really betray a cheater. He knows what he was doing was wrong, and nothing is wrong with you letting his girl know she is being betrayed. I have no tolerance for cheating from either party. I always say "if you get told on, that's just what happens. Cheating is messy and anything that comes to you because of it is your own fault."

    Good for you.


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  • What were you expecting to happen tho? I mean it's done it's done. Neither good or bad.


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  • That's the right thing. Doing this is playing with other's feelings and only pricks do this.

  • thats wrong you shouldn't have told her


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