Did he WANT to get caught cheating?

I hooked up with this guy that had a girlfriend. (he wasn't aware that I knew he had a gf)

On fb chat, he had said he wanted to hookup with me and I agreed.

He had me over for a bonfire with some of his friends, than eventually some of the friends left. It ended up just being me, him, and his best friend.

We watched a movie together, and he started making out with me in front of his friend.

he then took me down to his bedroom downstairs. his bedroom is across from the computer that his brother was on, he tried to get his brother to leave but he wouldn't, but he took me to his room anyway, and we had sex.

Then his brother/or friend called out and said Janella (his gf) was on the phone. he went to the door, NAKED, I could hear her bitching him out and he was like I don't have time for this and hung up. I asked who it was and he said "just someone bitching at me." and went back to having sex with me.

my question is did you think he wanted to get caught, so she'd find out?

she found out the next day and messaged me on fb. then the next day I was removed from his fb. my friend thinks that his girlfriend made him remove me.



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  • I think you're a whore.

    • Ok? not sure what the point of responding was if you weren't going to offer advice.

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