Which side would you be (read below)?

Okay so I went out with this guy once (Alex). The first guy I have ever dated, 6 months ago. We ended in good conditions.
We have a group of friends in common, from different schools. We haven't seen each other since our date. Until Saturday, on a gathering of the group (big group, 20 people).
A bit awkward at first, but we were civil. Later even shared some laughs. We were all chill and in comfy clothes. All was ok until he started to call me a skank and was telling everyone how bratty I am, etc. I was very confused and tried to ignore him cause he was drunk.

But then it started to bother me cause he was accusing me of fucking his friends (I didn't. I will explain that below)*. That is when I got mad, and things got ugly when HE SLAPPED ME.

No one knew what to do so I just told him did you just slap me? He laughed. I pushed him. Then he pulled my hair until I fell on the floor then he started to grab me by the leg while I was trying to hit him back. It all happened so fast. Then ofc, we were stopped.

The thing is, *(here I will explain why he accused me of fucking his friends)* his best friend Erik is my best guy friend since middle school. And they just met in High school. Then a close friend of his Jack asked me out but I said no. Then his friend Tony and I are dating. And before that I dated another guy (not even his friend!). I also "talked" to his friend Sam but only for 1 week and bc I had a silly crush cause we were on a play as lovers. Yet he used ALL this against me.

But after all they are OUR friends. Some closer to me, some closer to him. So some took his side. Erik and Tony are on my side. I would've thought he would apologize and said he was just drunk but he didn't. He meant it.

What do y'all think? I think it is not my fault Jack and Tony asked me out. The Sam thing wasn't a big deal. Im literally just FRIENDS with Erik! And I did NOT even kiss any of them!

I wanna hear neutral opinions: Does he have the right to be mad? Is this my fault?
All names where changed of course. And before you ask we are all between ages 17-18


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  • He's has the right to be mad like anyone else but it doesn't give him the right to be an asshole and slap you. Is it your fault? No. Some people just can't handle it when exes move on.


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