Breakup... tell me y I m not picking her phone. even if I want to?

y what's good for her matters the most. still after 3 years. what I am, a looser, or a hero?


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  • If she dumped you, do not try to contact her

    • yahhh u r right, but for me it is getting very difficult

    • Yea I know how hard it is to resist the temptation, but if you do you'll regret it later and it's only going to make things worse. You'll be thanking yourself later if you don't. Nothing you say or do will get her back, that's something that she has to figure out on her own.

    • I have my answer, she don't love me.
      I just want to know y?
      I thought I was perfect. what matters to me is my values in my eyes

  • could you explain more?

    • it has been so long we two are not talking to each other, but I think I still love her. but she doesn't

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    • and do u think when you know why she doesn't love you this will get your confidence back?

    • well then I have a task to accomplish

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