What did I do wrong?

so after about 6 years I asked out a friend of mine after an embarrassing experience. when we were on this date we took a walk to a river to sit on the rocks. we talked for about an hour before she told me she'd had a crush on me for a while too. right after that we kissed and then stared in each others eyes. after doing this for what seemed like forever she started crying said she was sorry and left. what happened, we were connecting so well and then just nothing. did I do something wrong.

she broke up with someone a month back, but seemed cool with it. I just don't get why this might have happened
I'm almost positive I'm just a shoulder to cry and that she couldn't care less how I feel.
i don't know what happened but somehow we are dating now, so all is good


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  • read "lets just be friends" in my profile

    • Wow, tht really hits home. thnx I think I just sorted this out

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  • Well here's a girls opinion...she's obviously hurt by something the other guy did and doesn't want that to happen with you. I think that you (just for now) need to be her shoulder to cry on. She needs someone to tell this to. The next time you see her act like you normally would then after a while ask her if you did something wrong or if you hurt her. Hope that helps :)

    • Its hard to be tht guy for 6 years when you love someone. I don't think I can now tht she knos how I feel

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  • I used to be the same. I would be too scared I guess to come out with my intent right away about a girl so I thought that by being "friends" with them she would eventually warm up to me, however, that's not the way it works. Sometimes not asking a girl out the moment you lay eyes on her for the first time may be too late let alone waiting 6 years for it.

  • I would have kissed he again, and again if she feels that strongly towards you, You probably made her feel very awkward ( and maybe even scared ) when you were staring at her. And she was probably thinking omg I told this guy how fell and all he does is stare at me =(

    • Well it was more of a staring match between us. full eye contact the whole. it was a little awkward on both ends

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    • Tht was the plan, she seemed really upset tho. could I have really done tht by not saying or doing something.

    • Im pretty sure that it was the situation that set her off, give her a phone call, she's probably thinking about it too, don't mention the incident though,somthing she probably wants to forget if she really likes you.

  • Your story isn't descriptive enough about who she is to just let you know if YOU did something wrong. Especially when everything in your story sounded like it was going well.


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