Chances of getting back with my ex or him getting his feelings back?

We've only been broken up like a week, and we were together for 3 months. But I'm wondering the chances of getting back with my ex in the future? Is it unlikely?
the reason we broke up was gradual, after a guy I used to like tried to mess things up between us we'd argue over stupid things now and then, and it was also straining his emotional health which I understand. But I can't help but feel like I am to blame, if I had gone about situations where we'd argue differently I think the situations would've been different and we wouldn't have argued. Now we are friends, because when he broke up with me he said he wants it to still be chilled between us which I'm fine with because I'd rather have him in my life than not at all, but I want to be more than friends. At the beginning we were never really friends, we just kinda jumped right into it being more of a romantic relationship so I guess there was more of a rush in us getting to know each other so we never completely got to know each other properly. Which I guess is the bright side to us being friends cause we'll have that chance to get to know each other. But what do you guys think the chances are of us being able to maybe give it another go? Or is that it? He won't get his feelings back- is it unlikely?


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  • My boyfriend got his feelings back after a few months. But we weren't dating when his feelings left. Anyway, they did still come back. I say don't think about what would happen if his feelings come back. I say they probably won't. Move on

  • Probably not. You let someone impact your relationship. Unless you explicitly cut the other guy out completely you allowed him to intervene. Doing nothing is allowing it.

    • It wasn't that I allowed him to intervene. What he did was he apologised to my ex for trying to get between us and in the same conversation he tried to stir things by telling a lie. Which me and my ex did clear up afterwards that it wasn't the truth but the fact that we argued due to that guy threw us off track after everything was perfect before

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