Should I see it or not? What to do?

Dear GirlsaskGuys community.

My Ex-Boyfriend, with whom I but he also kind of broke up 2-3months ago, has recently (as I was told on ask anonymously) posted on Insta a story with a girl and 3 hearts. 1 month ago he was trying to contact me, however I did not answer as he treated me bad in the relationship and when I told him I wanted to end things, he was like 'me too, to be honest I do not feel the same as in the beginning, this relationship is not the joy for me etc.' and as I told him I wish him the best, he was like 'ok, bye' with 3 waving hand emojis, and 'its finished between us two, thats it', to what I told him I hoped we could break up in good terms.
Now he seems to have moved on quite quick, and the fact that I broke up with him doesn't mean I do not love him, I just hoped for him to realize that the way he treated me is not okay.

My question is, should I just keep not going on his page, should I go and see it and then block him (we do not follow each other) or? I mean not that I think he'd care but I would like to get his attention.
I don't even know. I was hoping to get back together but that just killed the hopes and I also think I wouldn't take him back after showing himself already with a new girl.

Oh and please be direct and honest, enlighten me, tell me what you think... just make sure not to be rude please can't handle this right now.

He never posted with me but with her he does...


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  • He seemed to have moved on before you even decided to end things but he never said anything until you said you should breakup... So yh I would say block the guy, he is nothing to do with you, giving him attention will make him feel better about himself and not feel bad about you probably


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