There are three girls. The third girl suzan is trying to make me jealous and wouldn't let me talk, why?

I showed up the day before yesterday and both Angie and Suzan was behind the counter. I didn’t want to hurt Angie's feelings again, I had let Angie know I liked Suzan her friend because she wouldn’t let me talk to her and Suzan would. Angie was upset. I didn't want to hurt Angie's feelings again so I walked by them both when I left.

Me and Suzan had talked for a half hour when Angie was on vacation, she told me she wasn't ignoring me she had to go back to work. I liked her, she was easy to talk to.

Now she acting different. Last night the Suzan was there by herself. She was glad to see me. When I left she was texting. So I called her.

She said you left already? I said, I was standing there and you where on your cellphone texting, text text text text. I’d tried to get your attention but I couldn’t because you kept going at it text text text text. She said all seductive like. I would rather text you then him. I said when are going to be at work again? She said tomorrow morning. She works different schedules all the time so I said, when do you work? She said I don’t know and she had to go. She wouldn’t let me talk to her. So I hung up. What should I do next get her to text me? How do I get her text me? Or should I just ignore her?

That's when the above story happen.
I left a question below.


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  • ignore her for a while if she got nicer to you then you did the right thing and if she didn't then she's totally not worth ur time

    • I always walked by and ignored them when they hit on me because I thought they had was my way of saying thanks but whatever. I know they don't like it when I ignore them. I think I did it to much. is it ok to tell them I've always thought they all had boyfreinds and I don't take any of it serious? but I did have toask just in case I was wrong? Then ignore them?

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