I don't know what to do?

okay well I found my ex has been poising me. I have an investigation started and am pursuing charges after. the question I have is should I be cold and destroy their family for the wrongs they have committed or for my child should I try to negotiate with his mother.


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  • proceed and have the criminal punished.


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  • charges and get your child

    • that's the plan but I wanna attempt for him not to lose his whole family.

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    • it's all good. I got what I needed. had to go get my blood took. found out what it was. my reactions to it. my skin is now peeling from it. just gotta wait it out to shove it down Theirs his and hers throat. lol

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  • It's not the family members' fault, leave them out of it.

    • however it is when they helped the daughter. and the family members I have different reason for them.

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