What should I do when he says he "needs space" or "needs time to think"?

I stopped talking to him since April, I get the feeling that our relationship was just a burden to him. Is it bad that I don't really want him anymore, I don't things will ever be the same again. Sometimes I wonder if he's thinking about me as much as I think about him, wondering he's hurt like I am. I don't know, but I've been waiting for him to at least check in with me and tell me he's ok. Before he left me he told me that he thinks it's better for him this ways and that he'll wait 20 years to be with me, he even cried a little but he wouldn't show me his face. I want to believe it but what guy my age would actually do what he say? I don't want to bother him. But I've been just trying to become a better person and focus on my new goals. I hope I don't run into him, I saw his mother at the store the other day... Should I wait a little longer for him? Does he not intend to come back to me at all? I wish he'd straight up say I don't want to be with you and there's no chance of me wanting you again. I guess the saddest part of it is having all the past memories and no longer having a clear vision of what the future looks like between me and him. All I can think about is what I might say to him if he calls or texts me, or if we run into each other in public. No mater how many times I thought about it I still don't know how I should act or say. How strange after all that we're nothing but strangers. It's hard to forget someone whom you've imagined spending forever with... I didn't walk away, he let me go. Sometimes I wish I didn't care so much and I wish I could stop missing him but I still love him no mater what he put me through, I'm just a fool aren't I.
Also he's didn't really have anything going on in his life that could be a real problem. He literally has no priorities, no job but he's supposed to go into the military in 5 months...


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